2nd Health Professional Education Quality (HPEQ)

2nd Health Professional Education Quality (HPEQ) Internasional Conference is an annual international conference on health professional education, held by the HPEQ Project – Directorate General of Higher Education, Indonesia Ministry of Education. Inviting educators and students nationwide, this year HPEQ International Conference will be held on Desember 3rd-6th 2011 in Bali International Convention Center. There are still 70 free seats for 2nd HPEQ Conference Essay Competition winners, who will get full coverage for round trip to Bali, 4 days 3 nights accommodation at Bali Desa Inn, and free registration to attend the 2nd HPEQ International Conference

“2nd HPEQ International Conference Essay Competition” competition has three themes that you can choose:

  • Interprofessional Education
  • Student’s role in Educational Governance
  • Student’s view on Health Professional Education System in Indonesia

“2nd HPEQ International Conference Essay Competition” competition criteria:

  • max. 500 words
  • in English
  • original
  • min. 3 references

This competition is open to Indonesian undergraduate students and junior professionals (maximum of two years after graduation)

“2nd HPEQ International Conference Essay Competition” competition is opened from July 30th 2011 until August 15th 2011.

To sign up, please click the link below


Please read our terms and requirements after you sign up

Or contact us for any inquiry:

·         CIMSA              : Christopher Christian Halimkesuma (081932028150)

·         ISMKI               : Anggie Hardianty (085697926866)

·         IMABI               : Rizki Hana (085697678713)

·         ILMIKI              : Muhamad Jauhar (08574023846)

·         PSMKGI            : Kiki Saputri (085624808891)

·         ISMKMI            : Nilna Rahmi Isna (085274804167)

·         ISMAFARSI       : Vhony Purnamasari (085278224241)

·         ILMAGI             : Astarini Putri (08174855065)


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