Sejarah Pembentukan TC Wilayah II


Friday, September 12, 2008 9:59 PM
Formation of Tobacco Control Student Cadres at 9 Universities
Indonesian Association of Public Health Student Senates”
WILAYAH II (DKI Jakarta, Banten, Jawa Barat, Kalimantan)

1. Introduction

Tobacco consumption has been a global problem because of its impact, not only on the people’s health, but also on the economy of household and the state. Tobacco smoke is dangerous to the smokers and the surrounding people. It contains more than 4000 hazardous substances, among others: nicotine (pesticide), ammonia (cleaning agent), acetone (nail polisher), cadmium (used for battery). Tobacco has been the main cause of deaths in the world that can be actually preventable (WHO Reports, 2003). Around 80% of tobacco related deaths occurs in developing countries. In Indonesian, according to Soewarta Kosen in An Economic Analysis of tobacco, 427.948 died because of tobacco related diseases ini 2004.
The Indonesian Association of Public Health Students’ Senates (Ikatan Senat Mahasiswa Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia/ISMKMI) is an institution accommodating the students’ intiative to form the student cadre’s who care will develop to tobacco control activities, especially among student’s that feel responsible to actively participate in the effort to socialize tobacco hazards to the campus and the public/community at large.
2. Objectives

The activity aims at forming the tobacco control cadres among the students at 9 university campus.

3. Target Population

All 9 Member Campus Region II of ISMKMI.

4. Description of Activity

The activity will be carried out on.:
Date  : 23 August 2008
Place : Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesian

a. Program Organization
Adviser               : Thoha Khaled
Regional Coordinator  : Victor Subiakto Puja
Project Officer             : Robiatun Hasanah
Secretary                     : Bayu Nurwanto
Treasurer                    : Lara Restyani
Accomodation             : Angyun Abraham
Documentation           : Yogi

The participants of Seminar-workshop of Campus TC Advocates will consist of the following students.
– UMJ                 : 4 students
– UIN Jakarta   : 4 students
– URINDO         : 3 students
– UHAMKA       : 4 students
– UIEU              : 8 students
– UPN                : 4 students
– UI                    : 2 students
– Representative ISMKMI  : 14 students
Total participants          : 43 students
c. Program Output
43 Tobacco control cadres of 7 universites
Dissemination of activities through institution member region II ISMKMI
Data Base cadre formation among the 9 university students.

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